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Project Description

This work was part of a contracted position with a printing company in Central Kentucky and Upper Right Marketing in Lexington, KY. These t-shirt designs were created to be sold as souvenirs in the various gift shops at the bourbon trail distilleries.

Project Details

Client Kentucky Bourbon Trail – Upper Right Marketing
Skills Branding, Apparel Design

Property of Kentucky Bourbon Trail T

The sleeve print on this shirt could be interchanged to suite a specific distillery and their flagship bourbon brand

Distressed BOURBON T

A simple design to be sold in gift shops throughout the bourbon trail

Bourbon Trail Compass T

A unique take on a compass using the bourbon distilleries and their bottle silhouettes as directional marks

Kentucky State Bourbon T

This souvenir T pays homage to the great state of Kentucky and the bourbon it produces

Peace Love & Bourbon

A bourbon spin on a classic design

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