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Project Description

Intelligent Social Media is a world-class premier social media and collaboration site that focuses on Preparedness and Individual and Group Readiness. Nick named “facebook for first responders” I have been working with this project in many aspects of the brand development. Including logo design, print and digital advertising, infographics, video production and over-all graphic support for the web development.

Project Details

Client Intelligent Social Media
Date March 2014 – Present
Skills Branding, Web Graphics, Print Advertising


Marketing Slick Design

Development of marketing and sales materials was very important for this tech start up. Powerful imagery and a clean, concise overall feel makes this document easy to digest for potential clients

Dashboard Infographic

This infographic was developed to showcase the features and capabilities of the ReadyStrong user dashboard.


Community Infographic

This infographic shows the relationships in a community between the residents, businesses and their public servants. The idea was to show how this tool could help bring these groups together to provide a safer place to live and work.


Group Dashboard

This slick is used by the sales team to display the features and benefits of creating  groups on the ReadyStrong network. This single page infographic quickly displays the 3 different types of groups, how they work and how they can be beneficial to your community.


Business Card Design


Web Graphics

I have designed several images and graphics for the multiple platforms under the intelligent social media umbrella. If you would like to see the product or if you are interested in joining an Intelligent Social Media platform go check out the live project

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Intelligent Social Media

White Board Style

Infographic Video

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